These are tools I use and recommend, depending on requirements for the task at hand.  None of them are affiliate links – they’re just here for reference.

Building a new System

Logical Increments – PC Buying Guide

System Administration & Tools

GPG4Win – A Free Windows GPG Client (Encryption)
Homebrew – Package Manager for OSX
pfSense – Open Source Firewall
Cygwin – Unix emulator for Windows
NoIP – Free Dynamic DNS
Mumble – Audio Chat Server/Client

Data Sources

Iana Timezone Database – Where to get the Timezones
US Census 2014 Gazetteer Files – I use this mainly for Zip Code Tabulation Areas but it has much more.
GeoNames – Free database of place names.
Census Data in Google Earth – Shaded Census Overlays
OurAirports – Airport Data Download
OpenFlights – Airport / Flight Data
GapMinder  – Learn some global facts, cheer up, and  Watch Hans and Ola Rosling and learn How not to be ignorant about the World.

General Development

PhpStorm – An IDE for PHP
vim/gVim – A solid code editor that runs on everything.  But, it requires some effort to learn.
Braintree – Accept Online Payments

Web Development

BlueHost – WordPress Hosting

NameCheap – Register a Domain Name
Laravel – My Preferred PHP Framework
Baum – Nested Set Implementation for Laravel
Laracasts – Learning the Laravel Framework
The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Resolutions (screen resolutions)

DateTime Picker – A jQuery datetime picker that I like.
Time Picker – A jQuery time picker I like.
JTSage Datebox – Another jQuery Date/Time Picker I like.
FullCalendar – JS Calendar

jsTree – jQuery Tree Plugin

W3C Markup Validation Service – Validate your HTML
Favicon Generator – Site icon.

iOS Development

Developing iOS 10 Apps with Swift – A free online Stanford course for learning to build iOS apps in Swift.  It’s taught by the great Paul Hegarty.

Search Engine Optimization

Copyscape – Plagiarism Checker
Screamingfrog SEO Spider – Helps you evaluate your site’s SEO.

Creative Resources

The Music Bakery – Royalty Free Music – use for video mixes, etc.

Databases and Tools

Sequel Pro – Database Client for OSX (aka Pancakes)

Flight Resources

Blue Ridge Aviation – Flight School and Rentals
– the app for Pilots
– Browser based flight planning tool
Defense Internet NOTAM Service – Flight notifications for Pilots
Aviation Weather Center – METARs
VFR Excel Flight Planner – VFR Cross Country Planning Tool

Reference Material

OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework – The Official Version

Favorite Videos

Hans Rosling: Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen